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How To Stay Healthy When Travelling

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These days, I tend to travel quite a bit - not only for work, but to visit my family in WA. Eating well and staying healthy while travelling can be a little tricky, but after years of travelling, I’ve learnt how to incorporate a few packing essentials and rituals into my routine (both on the plane and when I get to my destination) that help keep me energised, hydrated and free from the dreaded jet lag.

Make the most of your trip with my top practices for healthy travel:


I make sure to stay at a hotel with a gym or located with some good nature walks so I can exercise. In Perth for instance, I love the coastal Sorrento to Trigg Beach walk or if I'm in the city, I'll opt for Kings Park or Jacobs Ladder. Without my regular exercise, I don't function properly and my energy is low. It's important for me and my sanity to breathe in the positive energy from nature.


I always take a supply of my Healthy Chef Functional Food products including Organic Superfood and Healthy Chef Protein that can make a quick and easy meal replacement both on the plane as well as when I don't have time to eat proper meals or I can't find anything nourishing. On my carry on for the plane, I have a water bottle filled with water mixed with Natural Immune Support, as I'm a bit of a germaphobe and hate it when people around me are sick. Travelling and all the stress associated with it can place a lot of pressure on my immune system, which is why I load up with whole food Vitamin C and D plus a good dose of turmeric and ginger to support my adrenals and immune health. I also pack nurturing teas like Relax or Sleep tea that I can drink on the plane or in the evenings before I go to bed in my hotel room.

Taking snacks with me also keeps me energised and full, without having to resort to plane food that I normally wouldn’t eat. I find the best snacks that are easy to carry are my trail mix, protein balls or muesli bars.


I make sure I'm well prepared a few days before my plane departs. During those days I make sure my body is well hydrated and I get some good quality sleep.  In the morning, hours before my plane departs, I focus on supporting my immune system and energy levels before I leave for the airport. I start with a matcha tea and make a Healthy Chef Protein shake made with fresh berries, frozen banana and my Organic Superfood blended with water or a generous splash of rice milk.


I typically eat before and/or after my flight, as I like to rest for as long as possible. I sip on herbal tea and keep hydrated with water.  A great tea for travelling is Immune tea as it’s been specifically designed to cleanse, detox and aid in digestion. It also contains ginger which helps stimulate circulation and relieve nausea. To avoid jet lag, I drink plenty of water to keep my body hydrated. I also like to spritz my face with rose water regularly throughout the flight – it’s so refreshing and hydrating on the skin.


I always make sure I adjust to my new time zone and try and get to sleep at a decent time when I arrive.  Perhaps one of the most important tips I’ve learnt for a good night’s sleep is turning off the computer and phone at a few hours before bedtime and making sure I get a solid 8 hours of quality sleep. I also like to have a cup of Relax tea as it's full of compounds that have soothing effects - perfect when you feel anxious before bedtime. By morning, I feel like I’m ready to attack the next day with renewed energy.



If I’m eating out, I tend to look for anything that is fresh and made from wholefoods. I prefer to stay somewhere within walking distance to where I want to eat - nourishing food is important to me, but I also want to feel like a local. My husband and I often stay in places that have self contained kitchen, so I can easily steam some veggies or make a salad when needed. If we're staying in a hotel room that doesn't have a kitchen  - this is where my protein shakes come in handy - it's a quick and simple meal replacement.  As an alternative, I buy a large tub of leafy green salad from the local supermarket and top with tinned tuna in olive oil with a squeeze of fresh lemon. A perfect meal if you're stuck in a hotel room.

Generally, I make sure plant based foods are central to the dish I’m eating. Most restaurants are very accommodating to menu alterations – so never be afraid to ask. I always focus on vegetables or salads drizzled with cold-pressed olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon. If I eat at the hotel I’m staying in, I usually order a large vegetable based juice scented with a little citrus. I get the chef to make me some eggs – soft boiled or poached, but the eggs have to be fresh. I stay clear of the scrambled eggs on the buffet table, as they normally come from a packet and loaded with preservatives.


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