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Introducing The Healthy Chef Apron

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I'm inspired by the timeless look of French design and Japanese minimalism which is why I wanted to create an apron that was durable, comfortable and yet spectacular. The Healthy Chef Apron is handcrafted from a pure linen and cotton weave and it's the perfect accessory for the modern cook.

Every time I enter the kitchen I pull out my knives, turn on a classic beat and tie on my apron. It's a ritual that's been with me since I started cooking over 25 years ago.  Wearing this classically designed apron will make you feel chic and wonderful, it will also give you the confidence to be a better cook and create healthy and delicious meals for you and your loved ones. 




The Healthy Chef apron is crafted from a unique blend of pure linen and cotton weave, which gives this garment a luxurious + soft hand feel.


This one size fits all classic style apron features a fully adjustable neck strap and extra-long waist straps, suiting all shapes and sizes. Wrapping around the body, it provides complete coverage over your clothes when cooking or baking. Each apron is packaged in a gorgeous calico bag for storage and gifting.



The Healthy Chef apron is the perfect addition to any cook’s repertoire and with its luxurious feel, it will be loved and cherished for years to come.



+ Easily adjustable neck strap

+ Two nature inspired colours: French Vanilla Olive Green 

+ Large lap front pocket

+ Fits all sizes

+ Durable woven fabric

+ Easy to clean

+ Easy to wash

+ Long-lasting chef’s grade quality

+ Kept in a beautiful calico bag

The Healthy Chef aprons are now available to buy in French Vanilla Olive Green from The Healthy Chef eStore.



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