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Healthy Chef Organic Superfood - What's Great About It

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The secret to perfect health is simple "EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES" to feed and nourish your body from the inside out.  As an additional benefit, you’ll also lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, improve memory + concentration, reduce stress and basically feel amazing !

Healthy Chef Organic Superfood is the ultimate wholefood vitamin formula.

A delicious blend of cold pressed organic fruit and vegetables designed to give you 30% of your recommended daily requirements in every serve. Perfect for the whole family. High in antioxidants to support healthy skin and better sports performance. High in pre-biotics to nourish healthy digestion and overall wellbeing. Enjoy with water, coconut water or add a boost to power smoothies. Perfect pre and post recovery nutrition and perfect when parred with Healthy Chef Protein.  You can check out more benefits on our eStore HERE


    • 100% plant-based and suitable for vegans + vegetarians.
    • Rich with naturally occurring essential vitamins + minerals and phyto-nutrients.
    • A great source of antioxidants (each serve measuring at 10,000+ in activity by ORAC).
    • Rich in anthocyanins that work as an anti-inflammatory in the body.
    • Contains inulin as a pre-biotic, which has been clinically proven to aid digestion and aid nutrient absorption.
    • Highly soluble and rapidly absorbed by the body.
    • Pre-exercise formula to delay to onset of fatigue  - contains B vitamins for energy metaboism.
    • Perfect recovery formula after exercise to replenish fluid and electrolytes.
    • Combines perfectly with Healthy Chef Protein to aid protein synthesis and recovery after exercise.
    • Nutrient support for weight loss and detox diets.
    • Perfect for all ages, including children as well as pregnant & breastfeeding mums




Organic Superfood in rich in pre-biotics, Prebiotics refer to natural soluble fibres that feed the good bacteria in our large intestine, helping to promote balanced gut flora and healthy bowel function. Make sure to combine with Healthy Chef Protein as studies also show that In human Crohn’s disease patients, a quality protein supplement such as WPI reduces leaky gut as well as gut inflammation. It also helps to restore and build a healthy gut barrier.



Good skin starts from within and every meal is an opportunity to nourish your skin. Healthy Chef Organic superfood is rich in antioxidants that gives strength and structure to your skin and is vital for elasticity and firmness and helping improve skin’s hydration and elasticity. Healthy Chef Protein is the key nutrient for ageless, beautiful skin. Your skin, hair and nails are made up of protein, so it’s important to include it in your diet to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.


Healthy Chef Organic Superfood provides a delicious nutrient rich energy boost before and after your workout. It will also increase your mental alertness, and ability to concentrate both during and after your training session.  Combine with Healthy Chef protein which  is high in BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids). Studies show that BCAA’s can reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance, reduce muscle breakdown and facilitate healing. Athletes love Healthy Chef protein because it doesn’t bloat or cause gastrointestinal issues allowing them to perform at their optimal best.


Healthy Chef Organic Superfood will provide that energy boost when you most need it. Combine with Healthy Chef Protein that has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar. High stress levels can lead to hypoglycemia or other blood sugar imbalances. Increasing protein intake can boost energy levels, reduce jitteriness, agitation and mood swings, improve sleep, and sharpen brain function


Healthy Chef Organic Superfood is the perfect wholefood supplement to combine with Healthy Chef Protein. It provides 30 % of your daily intake of fruits and vegetables that will help nourish your body whilst trying to lose weight. Combine with Healthy Chef Protein can work effectively to regulate the appetite, increase satiety and encourage significant weight loss. For a meal replacement drink, blend 1 serve of Healthy Chef Protein with 1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Organic Superfood, frozen berries, a little banana for chromium and coconut water and a tablespoon of chia.


Healthy Chef Organic Superfood is a wonderful support your general health and wellbeing. It also provides a boost of antioxidants from pure wholefood that is quickly absorbed by the body - especially good when your immune system is compromised. Combine with Natural Immune Support and Healthy Chef Protein.  Research studies have show that deficiency of high-quality protein can result in depletion of immune cells, inability of the body to make antibodies, and other immune-related problems.


Healthy Chef Organic Superfood is perfect to use on a daily basis for general health and vitality. It is suitable for everyone including in pregnancy and breastfeeding and provides a wonderful boost of energy any time during the day. Organic Superfood is delicious combined with Healthy Chef Protein.  It's important to get enough protein throughout your pregnancy as well as in breastfeeding. You can check how much you need on The Healthy Chef Protein Calculator.added to smoothies or stirred through organic natural yoghurt as part of a healthy breakfast or snack.


A Healthy Chef Superfood combined with Healthy Chef Protein makes a delicious and healthy protein rich snack any time of day, For a delicious satisfying drink combine 1 serve of Healthy Chef Protein + Organic Superfood into our blender bottle and add water, coconut water, almond or rice milk for a delicious creamy and nutrient rich shake.



Healthy Chef Organic Superfood can be mixed easily into your next protein shake, smoothie or water and makes the perfect whole food supplement for people on the go.


Mix 1 tablespoon ( 7g ) of Healthy Chef Organic Superfood into 250 ml water and combine with Healthy Chef Protein. Shake it up and enjoy as sports recovery fuel after exercise or as a pick me up snack.


Mix 1 tablespoon ( 7g ) of Healthy Chef Organic Superfood into fresh made vegetable juice to boost antioxidants. Mix into natural organic yoghurt and serve with lush seasonal berries or fruit for a delicious healthy breakfast or snack.


Add 1 tablespoon ( 7g ) Healthy Chef Organic Superfood into your favourite power smoothie to help boost antioxidants and support your healthy diet. 

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