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Why I Choose A Plant-Based Diet

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It’s wonderful to observe the fast growth globally in the plant-based movement as we are becoming more conscious of our food choices and the impact it has to our health as well as the planet.

My own journey towards a more plant-based diet was the catalyst in writing my latest cookbook Earth To Table. However, my approach has never been too fanatical - I still include ingredients like dairy and eggs in my diet, so they are featured in some of the recipes throughout the book.

"I'm not a vegetarian, more a flexitarian".
- Teresa Cutter

When I cook I design budget-friendly, healthy and simple recipes using fresh vegetables and natural ingredients that will delight your tastebuds and help your body thrive. 

My aim with Earth To Table is to inspire you to include more fruits and vegetables into your diet. It makes plant-based foods EXCITING! You'll find zucchini in a cake, spinach in a bread and pumpkin in your cookies.

Whether or not you choose to follow a plant-based diet, Earth To Table is a spectacular cookbook that will take you on a culinary journey into how simple and delicious plant-based eating can be.

What are the health benefits of a plant-based diet?

In my opinion, a plant-based diet can have a huge impact on your health and vitality. With all the misinformation and fad diets that come and go, there's one message that stays consistent and constant through it all - "eat more plants".

Following a more plant-based lifestyle has been shown to:

1. Reduce blood sugar levels.

2. Reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3. Support weight management.

4. Increase essential nutrients, vitamins + antioxidants.

5. Reduce blood pressure.

Along with this, plant-based eating provides great benefit to the health of our planet.

Plant-based eating also provides great benefit to the health of our planet.

Leaving a smaller footprint is something I've become very passionate about in recent years, particularly with our increased awareness of the impact agriculture and food production has on climate change. With this information, comes a great sense of responsibility - you are never too small to make a difference and a great place to start is with what you put on your plate.

What kind of recipes can we expect in Earth To Table?

You'll find everything from beautiful breakfasts, nourishing dinners and salads, to restorative soups, breads, baking, smoothies + drinks.

The chapters in to book include:

  • Nourishing Smoothies + Drinks
  • A Good Morning
  • Simple Pleasures
  • Nourishing Dinners
  • Restorative Soups
  • Breads + Doughs + Batters
  • Something Sweet
  • Basics + Little Extras I Love

For a lookside and to get a taste, view the teaser HERE.

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