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Your Guide To A Holistic Spring Detox

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We talk a lot about detoxing our bodies but what about the other areas of our life – like detoxing our mind from negative thoughts and environment from toxic products, dirt and clutter?

Spring is the perfect time for a holistic detox as the season is synonymous with the symbolism of rebirth and new life.

A detox shouldn’t be about deprivation, rather an opportunity to reenergise your routine and mindset, and assess what in your life is working – and what isn’t. It can help you let go of any habits or beliefs that are no longer serving you to make space for what is new and fresh.

Before you begin, you need to determine the length of your detox. A detox timeline will help keep you motivated and make you feel accomplished when you reach the end date! I recommend anywhere from 10 to 28 days - choose a length that is realistic for you.


1. Eat a predominantly plant-based diet 

Eliminate wheat, gluten, sugar, alcohol, coffee + processed foods and reduce your intake of animal-based products like dairy and meat protein.

Replace with wholefood fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, plant-based proteins like nuts, seeds, legumes, and Healthy Chef Organic Pea Protein or Body Shaping Protein.

Add green goodness: Spring foods consist of spinach, kale, silverbeet, asparagus, peas, lettuce, broccoli, green beans and Asian greens. The chlorophyll in greens help cleanse your liver and support your body’s natural ability to detox.

To boost your intake of greens, add a daily serve of Healthy Chef Green Smoothie to your diet and replace your morning cup of espresso with Matcha Green Tea.

2. Stay Hydrated 

Start your day with a big glass of water and a squeeze of lemon or a tablespoon of Healthy Chef alkalizing Greens. This will help clean out the liver and prepare your system for digestion.

Make the habit of taking your water bottle with you wherever you go!

3. Sweat It Out

Exercise for 30 – 60 minutes every day or hit the sauna to work up a sweat and flush out toxins. Remember that your body is working hard to get rid of toxins during the detox period, so instead of doing intense workouts, opt for gentle forms of exercise like yoga, pilates and walking.


4. Take a break from your devices

A detox from technology can do your mind wonders. In fact, the constant texts, emails, phone calls, dings and notifications from our devices actually release cortisol - our stress hormone, by keeping our brains on “high alert” and increase your feelings of distraction.

Try turning off your notifications or only checking your phone at scheduled times during the day, to reduce distraction. On the weekend, why not try a total digital detox?

5. Get Outside and into nature

We spend so much time indoors during Winter, so Spring is the perfect time to break the bubble and get outside.

Spending time outside has the power to create inspiration, increase energy levels, lower stress levels, enhance your ability to concentrate, and quiet the mind.

With the warmer weather, blue skies and new florals in bloom, I find getting outdoors one of the best ways to detox the mind. 

6. Practice meditation and mindfulness

Mediation is an effective tool to calm your mind and allows us to clear away the information overload that builds up and contributes to our stress. Having a regular practice will also detox your mind from negative thoughts over time.


7. De-clutter

When you live in a cluttered environment, often, your life feels cluttered too! Whether it be your home, your office, your desk, your closet (or all of the above), dedicate some time to clear away the clutter in your life.

8. Spring ‘clean’ your home and office

Get to work with a little dusting, scrubbing and organizing to detox your home from all the dirty that may have accumulated during the winter months.

Start with one room at a time and divide your home between days or a couple of weekends, to avoid overwhelm of trying to do it all at once.

9. Reduce the use of toxic products

Consider what products you use in your beauty regime and for cleaning the house. Many common skincare products, cleaning products and make up products are full of chemicals that contribute to the body’s toxic load. Read your labels and opt for natural/organic alternatives to lighten the load on your liver.


For additional support and guidance, book in with one of our Dietitians, Nutritionists or Naturopaths at The Healthy Chef eClinic.

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