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Blender Bottle Accessories The Healthy Chef
Blender Bottle Accessories The Healthy Chef

Blender Bottle


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The Healthy Chef Blender Bottle is the ideal companion for any on-the-go activities as it has a durable twist lid that is designed to stay on, so no more spills or splashes. The Healthy Chef Blender Bottle lets you enjoy today's smoothie without tasting yesterday's protein shake.

The rubber sports grip offers a firm hold, whether you’re shaking up a nutrient-packed protein shake, or keeping water on hand during your early morning fitness session.

Our Blender Bottle also includes a blender ball wire whisk that is made of surgical-grade stainless steel – ensuring your drinks will be smooth and purely delicious every time.


Simply drop the Blender Ball wire whisk into the bottle with your ingredients, screw on the lid, and shake. The surgical-grade stainless steel Blender Ball is designed to remain in the cup until you've enjoyed the contents, and if you are just drinking water there’s no need to remove the Blender Ball because it won't rust, chip, or peel.

  • Add liquid ingredients before adding powders and thicker ingredients.
  • Before shaking, screw lid firmly onto cup and press flip cap down until you hear it "snap" closed.
  • For best mixing action, hold the rubber Sports Grip on the side of the bottle and shake from the wrist.

The Healthy Chef Blender Bottles are not for use with hot or warm liquids. The secure seal of the bottles does not allow pressure to escape, so placing hot or warm liquids the bottle may cause the cap to open unexpectedly and spray contents. Please also exercise caution when mixing other ingredients that create pressure (such as - but not limited to - pancake batter, waffle batter, etc.)  When mixing these types of ingredients, hold your finger over the flip cap while shaking and use caution when opening the flip cap. Always point the spout away from face when opening the twist cap.



Stain + Odour Resistant

Durable + High Quality

Convenient SportLoop For Easy Carrying

BPA Free

Leak Proof Guarantee

Secure Twist Lid

Dishwasher Safe

No Lumps - Smooth Mixing

Rubber Sports Grip

Stainless Steel Blender Ball Inside

Perfect For Protein Shakes, Water Bottles + Hydration Drinks

Partners in health