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Detox Kitchari

This is a classic Ayurvedic recipe that is used to restore digestive health and wellbeing.
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Wild Mushroom Hotpot

My Wild Mushroom Hotpot is the perfect wholesome and nourishing comfort food to...

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2-Ingredient Potato Soup

This two-ingredient soup from Earth To Table might seem plain, but trust me,...

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Immune Boosting Cauliflower + Turmeric Soup

I absolutely adore eating soup. They are cost effective, filled with nutrients, quick to...

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3 Ingredient Carrot Soup

This immune-boosting  gut friendly soup from my cookbook Earth To Table is rich with antioxidants...

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Green Goodness Soup

Nutritious, delicious and power-packed with goodness! Here is a yummy green goodness soup...

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Green Minestrone

A nourishing green vegetable soup from my Purely Delicious Cookbook, inspired by my trips to...

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