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Body Shaping Plan: Week 1

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Welcome to my special series of Body Shaping - a 4 week plan to help support your body shaping and weight loss goals.

I find that so many people are looking for a quick-fix to lose weight, which can often lead to following diets that are not sustainable, too restrictive and overlook possibly the most balanced and realistic advice: sticking to fresh whole foods most of the time - your 80% - and allowing for a bit of indulgence now and then - your 20%.

This plan is so simple - I'll give you one lifestyle tip for each week in October to focus on, starting with CUT THE C.R.A.P (An acronym which stands for Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol and Processed Foods).

If you're not familiar with this term, it basically means stick to eating real food, foods that are found in nature and that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrition for optimal health + wellbeing. By eating this way, your body will naturally lean to a healthy weight, you'll feel more energised and you'll feel less inclined to indulge in unhealthy cravings. 


Stick to eating real food, foods that are found in nature and that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrition for optimal health + wellbeing.


    • Cut out refined carbohydrates and replace them with vegetables and fresh fruit instead.
    • Focus on filling up your plate with leafy greens, vegetables and a little fresh fruit. As I'm often on a busy schedule, I take 1 tablespoon of The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood Powder with a glass of chilled water and enjoy as a great start to my morning or just before a workout.


Diets fail because people can’t sustain the strict eating regime for long periods of time, so they give up. This is why my 80/20 principle works so well.


    • I also love to stir The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood Powder through yoghurt and serve with it berries or add it to my protein for a simple healthy meal replacement. It’s the ultimate wholefood multivitamin formula containing 30% of your recommended daily fruit and veggie intake! It's also a super effective way to get nutrients in your body when you're time poor or always on the run.


Organic Superfood is great to use as a meal replacement when mixed with Healthy Chef Protein. Just blend or shake with water or almond milk and a handful of frozen berries.


    • Make sure you’re drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day to detoxify and flush toxins out of your body. Water is vital for life and for all metabolic processes in the body. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime, if you prefer, to the water. Water will help get your lymphatic and digestive systems moving properly and will also assist in preventing gas, bloating and other digestive issues. Try drinking 2 glasses of water before each meal - it will prime your body for fat loss and stops you from retaining excess water. I also love to sip on Lemon Delicious tea as it's perfect to help relieve bloating and fluid retention.


With my own meals I focus on a few key principles, such as eating more vegetables: I don’t count cups or serving sizes, I just make sure I eat them every day.


Follow Week 2 of my Body Shaping Plan. 




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