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Debunking the myths around Magnesium

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Myth no# 1
You can only take Magnesium at night


Many people think of Magnesium as a sedative, but what it actually does is help the body rewind and relax by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. The opposite to this is the sympathetic nervous system, which is when the body goes into “fight or flight” mode in response to stress. On the other hand, the parasympathetic nervous system restores the body to a state of calm and is also responsible for controlling bodily functions, like digestion, when we are in a state of relaxation or sleep.

Magnesium maintains nervous system health in this way and if taking it for the purposes of aiding relaxation, it can be great to take Magnesium half an hour before bed. Though, by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, Magnesium supports a healthy stress response in the body can also assist with energy production, which makes it great to incorporate into your morning ritual. 

Magnesium has other benefits for those working on their fitness levels or focusing on exercise, such as supporting muscle health + function, as well as helping protein synthesis in the body.

In this way, Magnesium can assist with a wide range of functions and enzymatic reactions within the body, all from which will benefit from taking it at any time of the day. It will come down to personal preference and when you will be able to stick to it more consistently.

Myth no# 2
Magnesium is only good for relaxation and muscle health

As you’ve just read, Magnesium assists with a multitude of functions – and we’ve only just touched the surface!
Other benefits you may not be aware of include:

- Reduces free radicals formed in the body
- Supports eye health
- Maintains healthy teeth
- Supports heart + cardiovascular system health
- Maintains healthy thyroid hormones
- Supports bone health
- Supports natural liver cleansing + detoxification
- Supports the immune system to fight illness
- Maintains collagen formation

 This is why we think Magnesium is nature’s super mineral – it can assist with so many areas of health to support general health and wellbeing. Just 1 level teaspoon of Healthy Chef Magnesium+ can really deliver.


Myth no# 3
There’s only one type of Magnesium


There are around 11 different types of Magnesium and each has some slight differences in the benefits they can deliver. Four our Healthy Chef Magnesium+, we’ve chosen to combine  4 of the most easily absorbed forms of Magnesium into our blend to deliver 400mg of elemental Magnesium with each serve. Read below to see how each of the types can help you:

 Magnesium Glycinate
A wonderful broad-spectrum magnesium that provides the body with the highest level of absorption and bioavailability. This form contains the amino acid, glycine, which can assist with relaxation, assist with regulating blood sugar levels and also works to supply muscle, tissue and bones with collagen.

Magnesium Ascorbate
This form combines Magnesium with vitamin C and kinder on the digestive system when compared to other forms, which leads to better absorption of both the Magnesium and the vitamin C so you reap the benefits of both.

Magnesium Phosphate
This form is great for energy production and can be helpful in fighting off fatigue. It’s also beneficial for calcium absorption and the building of protein and bone. Other benefits include enhancing muscle relaxation and helping with cramping.

Magnesium Chelate
Another form that has superior absorption and as such is particularly useful in aiding Magnesium deficiency to maintain adequate levels within the body.


Myth no# 4
Magnesium will affect bowel movements


Some people find that Magnesium can assist with symptoms of constipation, this is because it works to draw water into the intestines as well as relax the muscles within the intestinal system.

When you try Magnesium for the first time, you may find yourself having to go the toilet more often as you may experience it having a cleansing effect on your gut and colon. For this reason, if new to Magnesium supplementation and worried about this side effect, try starting out with a half serve (half a teaspoon) and incrementally build up to a full serve to build up your tolerance.

Magnesium+ should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise, and please consult a health professional if you have any questions about whether this product is right for you.

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