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Studies show that protein is the most important nutrient your body needs for your health and wellbeing. Protein is the key nutrient to balance hormones, support weight loss and lean, toned muscle, support glowing skin, a healthy pregnancy, and optimise the immune system. 

Protein powders taste great, and they promise to help you maintain a healthy weight and give you instant energy. But do you know what's in them? Like most health products, not all protein powders are created equal.
"A good protein powder should be free from fillers, sugar, gluten and vegetable fats. It should be low in carbs, easy to digest and make you feel wonderful. You can read more about these ingredients HERE."
I've been in health + fitness since my early 20s and have tasted many proteins on the market. Unfortunately, some made me gain weight, some constipated me for days, and some made me feel bloated. This was the main reason I decided to design my range of Healthy Chef Proteins. They are 100% chemical-free, biodynamic and truly good for you.
"A good protein powder contains only natural whole food ingredients that retain their full nutritional profile. You should be able to recognise all of the ingredients!"  



Protein can work effectively to regulate the appetite and encourage significant weight loss. *For weight loss, it is recommended you get between 80 – 120 g of protein per day to help keep you full and provide the body with essential amino acids for producing hormones and repair lean muscle.

As a meal replacement, I love starting my day with a Body Shaping Shake for breakfast that keeps me full and nourished until lunchtime - Just shake with water and drink. For something more filling I love to combine The Body Shaping Shake  into a blender along with water and a punnet of strawberries, then I add ice or a splash of almond milk to make it creamy. The Body Shaping Shake is the  perfect breakfast that helps stabilise my blood sugar and boosts my metabolism. 


The best time to consume protein is immediately after exercise. This is when blood flow to the exercised muscles is high and the muscle is especially receptive to nutrients. Before exercising, protein shakes can curb appetite and keep blood sugars stable to get you through your workout.

For sports performance and recovery, I love using Pure Native WPI or if you're vegan, choose  Healthy Chef Organic Pea Protein. Both of these proteins are biodynamic and gluten free. They are also known as isolates, meaning they absorb quickly into the blood stream without causing digestive issues. 

"Shake your protein powder with water and drink immediately after your workout. You can also add a spoonful of Healthy Chef Organic Superfood for added antioxidants and to boost your recovery. 2 shakes per day are ideal if you're exercising and they will help your body and muscles recover quickly."  All Healthy Chef Proteins are pure and easily digested, which means no bloating or tummy upsets.


Protein is always talked about for recovery, sports performance, and body shaping, but one of its most vital roles is to support immune function. Research shows that a deficiency in protein can significantly impair immune function and increase our susceptibility to infectious disease. In a nutshell, dietary protein plays the following role in regards to immune health: Supports a healthy immune system - Helps you recover + repair - Builds antibodies - Boosts Immunity - promotes the synthesis of glutathione required for a healthy immune system.


Protein powders can assist pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in meeting their nutritional requirements. Pure Native WPI and Organic Pea Protein are suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding, however we always recommend speaking to your or healthcare professional first. 


Our Pure Native WPI and Organic Pea Protein are also suitable for children, particularly fussy eaters or those on restrictive diets. We recommend reducing the serving size to suit your child's requirement, e.g. 1/4 – 1/2 the adult serve. Try blending one frozen banana with 1 1/2 cups of milk, one spoon of tahini for added calcium, or Naked Chocolate for a delicious kid-friendly chocolate smoothie. 


Consuming adequate dietary protein is critical for maintaining optimal health, growth, development, and function throughout life. Proteins are made up of amino acids and are essential nutrients you can’t live without. Protein’s main function is to build and repair, as well as sustain muscle. A protein shake is a convenient means of getting protein into the bloodstream quickly and can assist the recovery process. In a nutshell, dietary protein does the following jobs: Sustain and support muscle - helps you recover - supports weight loss - supports immune health and hormonal health.


Women normally struggle to include enough protein into their day to day diet. Dry skin, POCS, mood swings, weight gain, insomnia, thyroid issues, insulin resistance and anxiety are some of the issues if your hormones are out of balance. For me personally, being 53 and having early menopause, I have had to make changes to my lifestyle and diet that have helped me manage and support my levels of anxiety, stress issues, gut issues, thyroid and metabolism and balance and restore my health and state of wellbeing.

"For me, it was reducing sugar and sticking to a reduced carb, gluten-free eating plan that includes quality protein has been the key in controlling insulin, reducing cortisol and balancing hormones."

+ HOW MUCH DO I NEED? The amount of protein you consume each day varies slightly depending on your age, weight, and activity level. To maintain good health, it’s all about getting a good balance of quality protein over the course of a day. The average amount for a women its around 0.75 - 1g per kilo of body weight per day. For athletes, or those dieting, aim for about 1.2  - 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight or about 80g - 120g per day.


Do you follow a plant-based diet or more of a primal diet, or do you prefer one type of protein over others? The Healthy Chef protein range includes:
 Pure Native WPI (from grass-fed - biodynamic  - cold pressed cows milk), 
Organic Pea Protein (100% isolate low FODMAP, vegan), 
The Body Shaping Shake ( organic pea protein with essential nutrients to be used as a meal replacement shake), and all low FODMAP and digestion friendly. 

Match your protein to your goals. What are you aiming to achieve?

For weight management use Body Shaping Shake 
To support health + wellbeing + lean toned muscle use Pure Native 

***Protein requirements are based on data from the 4th edition of Clinical Sports Nutrition, Journal of Sports Sciences and Medicine, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the Nutrient Reference Values for Australia & New Zealand.

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