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Collagen in your 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's + beyond!

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Many people think taking care of their skin should start when they begin noticing the signs of ageing; however, research suggests that the best time to start is much earlier than we think. The good news is that it is never too late to revitalise damaged skin. But 'Prejuvenation' or pre-emptively maintaining skin health is equally important. Here are five science-supported reasons to begin taking collagen as early as your 20's.


Collagen is a rich source of amino acids that are required for your body to produce specific proteins. In particular, collagen is a rich source of proline, an amino acid that forms the main component of keratin protein.

As keratin is the main compound that makes up hair and nails, this suggests that consuming a quality source of collagen may help encourage long, luscious locks and healthy nails.


The skin is the largest organ the human body has. The building block that ensures our skin looks smooth and healthy is collagen, a protein that naturally depletes as we get older. Consuming collagen in your 20's, 30's, 40's and beyond ensures your body has a source of collagen to promote radiant, glowing skin. 

Studies show that collagen supplementation may be beneficial in improving skin hydration and reducing skin inflammatory issues such as eczema.


2015 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food provided women between the ages of 24-50 with a source of collagen peptides to see its effect on signs of cellulite. After six months of consuming collagen peptides, the study found that the women had significantly improved skin health and substantially improved the appearance of their skin.


Collagen makes up a primary component of the gut lining, so consuming a quality source of collagen can assist with digestive health. In addition, collagen contains amino acids such as L-glutamate and glycine, which have been shown to help with healing and sealing the gut and assisting the body's natural digestive process.

Gut Collagen is a powerhouse of wild marine collagen, L-glutamine, magnesium and probiotics, formulated to support your gut health. 


Collagen helps your joint move more easily and reduces pain and deterioration often associated with ageing. Studies show that collagen is an effective treatment for treating osteoarthritis and other joint pain disorders.

We have so many wonderful Healthy Chef customers in their 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's who have reported amazing results from taking Healthy Chef Collagen every day for just a few weeks. Here are some incredible reviews. 


“I love this with coconut water first thing on waking in the morning, I am 45 years old and have noticed my skin is plumper, feels very hydrated and has a lovely glow. My nails are rock hard too. Very impressed with this product.” - Skye, 5-star review of Beauty Collagen  

“This is a wonderful product! My hair, skin, nails and hopefully bones are so much better for it. An important supplement to take when over the age of 50.” - Anonymous, 5-star review of Marine Collagen

  “Our bodies are showing improvement while exercising or recuperating from efforts, our skins are more radiant and our faces seem to be more plumpy than ever (a good thing considering we are 60 and 70 years old)” - Veronique, 5-star review of Marine Collagen

"Since using Gut Collagen and the Healthy Chef products, I have noticed a big difference in my gut, weight, health and skin. Thank you Teresa." - Enza 5-star review of Gut Collagen

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