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Beauty Collagen With Added Hyaluronic Acid

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As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is what’s responsible for the elasticity and hydration of skin, and what keeps it looking plump and youthful. Unfortunately, from around the age of 30 our collagen production decreases by 1% year on year, but the good news is that consuming collagen can go a long way in replacing what we naturally lose over time.

That’s why we created Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen, which primarily features a base of marine collagen to offer 6g of collagen peptides per serve. To go one step further, we’ve added hyaluronic acid alongside 3 other ingredients that work together with collagen to offer a 5-in-1 beauty boosting blend.

Here’s how each of the powerful ingredients within Beauty Collagen can help with your beauty goals:

1. Wild + Sustainable Marine Collagen

This features the type of collagen that makes up to 90% of the skin’s structure: Type I. While many topical skin care creams have started to include collagen for this reason, studies have shown that ingesting collagen can have more effective results as the collagen reaches deep within the skin’s innermost layer: the dermis.

As collagen production within the dermis lessens as we age, supplementing collagen into our diet can start to replace that which we naturally start to lose. Marine collagen features a rich profile of 19 amino acids and these are also the building blocks for proteins within the skin that provide it structure and firmness, such as elastin and keratin, with the latter also having a role in the formation of strong hair and nails.

Supplementing with collagen is a great start, and by combining it with the below ingredients, its benefits can be intensified when it comes to your beauty goals.

2. Hyaluronic Acid

Naturally produced by the body in the skin, eyes and joints, hyaluronic acid is a clear substance that has the ability to hold onto moisture. In fact, studies have shown that it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. On a cellular level, when it is present within the skin it can have an ultra hydrating effect and give it a fresh hydrated + plump look as a result.

Just like collagen, our body produces less hyaluronic acid as we age and gain exposure to pollutants and UV rays, so supplementing it into your daily diet can help it reach deep within the skin where it can have the most benefit. By significantly increasing skin moisture, fine lines and wrinkles can also be minimised.

Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen features 150mg of hyaluronic acid per serve and you’ll be able to notice the difference after taking it daily for 6-12 weeks.

3. Vitamin C

It’s a little known fact that vitamin C is responsible for collagen synthesis and can therefore boost its production. As Beauty Collagen contains almost 10x the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C, taking it together with marine collagen in this blend ensures your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to properly absorb the collagen peptides.

Thanks to vitamin C also being an antioxidant, it can also have a brightening effect on skin by giving it a great glow. As it fights against damaged cells from the sun as well as help fight toxins that come into contact with the skin , it may also have a positive effect on pigmentation and scarring.

4. Vitamin B5

Together with the hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 can also have a hydrating effect on skin and hair. It too has the ability to hold onto moisture, and this quality can give skin a natural and plump softness that looks effortlessly youthful.

This same moisture retaining quality can also act to protect the skin, which means it can be great to help with any sort of wound healing, scarring and even conditions like eczema and redness.

As a water soluble vitamin, our body cannot store it so it’s important to be getting a great source of it each day, Beauty Collagen can provide a daily dose of vitamin B5 in one great-tasting blend with a subtle orange flavour.

5. Zinc

This supports the structure of skin making it very important for healthy skin function + repair. Like vitamin C, it’s also an antioxidant and therefore, can help fight against free radicals and brighten the appearance of skin.

Zinc also supports hair growth, as well as the strength and thickness of hair follicles. Studies have also shown that there may be a link between lower zinc levels and the severity of acne, making it important to ensure appropriate zinc levels are achieved. Our body also cannot store reserves of zinc, so it’s important to supplement daily. Beauty Collagen provides a full day’s recommended serve of zinc, which works together with its other ingredients.

How to enjoy Beauty Collagen
With its subtle citrus orange taste, Beauty Collagen can be enjoyed on its own, mixed into a smoothie or yoghurt, and even made into jellies. Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, it will work to revitalise your skin from the inside out.

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