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How Does The Body Shaping Shake Compare?

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protein rich shake is a great way to start the day,  boost your metabolism and provide long-lasting energy. A high protein shake will help you to avoid snacking and keep you fuller for longer.

Many shakes in the market are not ideal for supporting a healthy diet. Ingredients such as sugar, milk solids and artificial sweeteners found in weight management shakes can elevate blood sugars, cause inflammation and lead to weight gain rather than weight loss.


A growing body of research supports that meal replacement shakes can help manage your weight and improve your wellbeing.

The Science &  The Benefits
Studies show that meal replacements were an effective strategy for producing robust initial weight loss.

The Dark Side of Meal Replacement Shakes
A lot of meal replacement shakes on the market are full of sugar, high in carbs, hydrogenated oils, fillers, gums + preservatives, that do very little to nourish the body and support your health and wellbeing. 

The Body Shaping Difference

The Body Shaping Shake was  developed to help people  achieve weight loss goals simply and effectively. Packed with protein and essential vitamins and minerals, making it a quick and easy, healthy, meal on-the-go. 

23g plant-based protein
​No Sugar - Low Carb
Probiotics For Healthy Digestion
25% Daily RDI Essential Nutrients
Chromium For Blood Sugar Support
No Fillers - No Nasties - 100% Vegan

    "Make The body Shaping shake a part of your healthy lifestyle and get in the best shape of your life.” Teresa Cutter

    Partners in health