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Your Questions Answered

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 What does Immune Support taste like + How Should I Take Immune Support?

The refreshing orange citrus flavour of Immune Support lends itself perfectly to a glass of water, juice, or a smoothie. Add two teaspoons to your drink of preference, stir well and enjoy! 

What is the difference between Natural Immune Support + NEW Immune Support?

We took all that was terrific about Natural Immune Support and supercharged it! The additions of Zinc to support normal immune system function+ Elderberry, which is rich in antioxidants, makes NEW Immune Support an immune-boosting powerhouse.

How many serves are in Immune Support, and how should I store it? 

NEW Immune Support has 38 serves in every 380 g tub. At 10 grams a serve, it is excellent value. Once open, store Immune Support in a cool, dry place!

What other Healthy Chef products can I combine Immune Support with for maximum nutrition in a glass?

Immune Support marries beautifully with Healthy Chef Protein (OPP or WPI) and Marine Collagen in this delicious Immune Boosting Protein smoothie. The addition of oranges and bananas packs even more of a health punch all in one glass!



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