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Support Your Immune System Naturally

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Immune Support is a powerful blend of immune-boosting ingredients, boasting a delicious orange citrus flavour. One 7g serve of Natural Immune Support contains 10 times the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C (>450mg) and the full-recommended daily intake of vitamin D (1000IU). 

Immune Support is an immune-boosting blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs, ideal for nourishing the body during periods of immune and adrenal suppression, stress, fatigue, illness, infection and vitamin D deficiency.

Best taken on a daily basis as a preventative for when you feel run down, tired or stressed. For those who are fighting colds and flu we recommend taking a serve morning and night. Enjoy simply with pure filtered water or cold-pressed juice.

Vitamin C: Your Personal Bodyguard

Vitamin C, is like your personal bodyguard, helping to protect cells and assist in healing. There are also studies of the use of vitamin C in the treatment and prevention of the common cold reveals a shorter duration of symptoms and faster recovery. Healthy Chef Immune Support contains 10x the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in each serve.

The Power Of Vitamin D

If you are after an easy way to boost your immune defences and up your levels of Vitamin D, our Healthy Chef Immune Support provides the full daily requirement of vitamin D, along with 10 x the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Just mix 2 teaspoons in water and enjoy the deliciously refreshing citrus taste.

Immune Boosting Zinc

Studies show that zinc has a direct role on anti-viral immunity, and is often recommended as a treatment to lower the severity of cold and flu symptoms. 

The minimum recommended daily intake for Zinc is 8-10mg for women and 14mg for men. Healthy Chef Immune Support provides 20.5mg per serve, ensuring a substantial boost of Zinc with every glass.

What does Immune Support taste like + How Should I Take Immune Support?

The refreshing orange citrus flavour of Immune Support lends itself perfectly to a glass of water, juice, or a smoothie. Add two teaspoons to your drink of preference, stir well and enjoy! 

What other Healthy Chef products can I combine Immune Support with for maximum nutrition in a glass?

Immune Support marries beautifully with Healthy Chef Protein (OPP or WPI) and Marine Collagen in this delicious Immune Boosting Protein smoothie. The addition of oranges and bananas packs even more of a health punch all in one glass!




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