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Is Your Protein Safe For Kids?

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We receive many emails at The Healthy Chef regarding the use of Healthy Chef Protein for children. The answer is simple... YES.  My aim at The Healthy Chef is to design our products so that they can be enjoyed by the whole family. Our protein is no exception as it is pure, clean and all natural, providing the essential amino acids that the body needs for optimum health.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that both the quality and quantity of protein are important to meet the needs of kids during childhood. Protein-rich plant foods, such as beans, nuts, seeds, nut butters and brown rice, can contribute to total protein intake and can give a child more fibre. Animal-rich protein sources include organic eggs, cultured dairy (kefir, yoghurt) organic poultry, fish, and grass fed beef which can ensure that a child gets nutrients like choline, vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, iron and/or long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.

Healthy Chef Protein is wonderful for fussy eaters or those on restrictive diets including Low FODMAPGAPS and SCD that is free from lactose and starch so it helps support healthy digestion and immunity.

Many protein powders out in the market are not suitable for children or contain a high amount of casein, milk solids, soy and gluten that can disrupt sensitive digestion.

Protein is essential for good health and is particularly important for the growth and development of children. This essential macronutrient is vital for brain development, organ function, muscle growth and repair, and a healthy immune system. Due to the demands of growth and development, obtaining adequate protein is particularly important throughout infancy, childhood and adolescence. 

There’s no doubt that food plays a key role in the health of children. In fact, ensuring the best nutrition for kids can help promote growth and development, support immune function and set long-term healthy eating habits.

Generally, kids can enjoy their protein from good quality sources of organic meats, organic poultry, fish, cultured yoghurt and kefir, organic eggs, beans, tofu, nut butters, milks and Healthy Chef Protein.

Why protein powder for kids?

If you’re busy and pressed for time to make protein packed meals, a protein smoothie using a clean, nutritious protein powder, such as Healthy Chef protein, can often come in handy.

At any time of day, you can quickly whip up a nutrient rich shake that’s loaded with protein, antioxidants and fibre to support your kid’s health and wellbeing.

Protein is vital for brain development, organ function, muscle repair and a healthy immune system, that is crucial for growth and development during childhood.

There are other reasons why protein powder can play an important part of your kid’s diet, especially if they fit one of the categories below:

Get your kids into the kitchen and let them create their own healthy tasty smoothie.  If they make it – they will eat it. I love banana, rice milk, ice and a scoop of protein. You can boost calcium by adding a spoonful of tahini, and boost fibre and omega 3 by adding ground flaxseeds.


For kids who are vegetarian, having a protein smoothie or shake can help them reach your protein requirements. The Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health states that a well-balanced vegetarian diet can provide for the needs of children and adolescents. 

Inspire your kids to eat healthy

The International Journal of Obesity reports that the family environment is the main influence on what our children eat, and studies show that when parents eat fruit and vegetables regularly, so do their kids. So feed your family the right kinds of foods and combine this with the regular daily exercise needed to build a strong healthy body. Making your kids a nutritious smoothie filled with whole fruits, leafy greens, protein and essential nutrients they need to thrive will ensure that they will grow into healthy adults.

You should be looking for a protein that is free from additives, gluten, artificial sweeteners and fillers as these ingredients can actually cause digestive and bloating issues, contribute to weight gain and poor nutrient absorption. See my post on the ingredients you don't want in a protein powder.





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