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It's just a few days until our 28-Day Body Shaping challenge begins, so to get you started, I wanted to share what a typical day on the Body Shaping Challenge looks like. You can also get inspired with recipes by cooking from my cookbooks Purely Delicious and Earth To Table and my Ultimate Body Shaping Guide.

The most balanced and realistic advice I can give is to follow my simple  approach: NUTRITION + MOVEMENT + REST. You can download the Essential 4-Step Plan HERE

Whatever your goal may be, the #28daybodyshapingchallenge is sure to have you feeling energised and wonderful. Take control of your health! Your new life starts today!


Here’s my personal Body Shaping Day on a plate:

On waking:
A large glass of filtered water with 2 teaspoons of Healthy Chef Greens, with a squeeze of lemon juice. This combination helps to soothe my digestion so I feel less bloated.

Morning Matcha:

I enjoy a Matcha Tea every single morning just before my morning walk and it helps me to feel energised, focused and aware, but also calm and in control, so I can plan my day and feel empowered to achieve my goals.

My Matcha Moments

BENEFITS: Antioxidants, Energy boosting, Calming


I love to drink a smoothie most mornings. Smoothies fill you up and provide essential proteins, antioxidants and fibre, fantastic for maintaining your energy levels and a healthy weight. If I’m travelling, I’ll just shake my Healthy Chef Protein with water in my hotel room + grab a piece of fruit to get me through the morning.

My Favourite Smoothies

- Shape + Tone Smoothie
- Glowing Skin Smoothie

BENEFITS: Energy boosting, Gluten free, High protein


I like my lunches to be quick and simple to make, light, and delicious to eat. Salads are my go-to for lunch. I use lettuce or green leaves as a base and top with my favourite things including smoked salmon, avocado, organic hard-boiled eggs, capers or basically whatever I have in the fridge. I always drizzle my salad with some extra virgin olive or avocado oil emulsified with vinegar and Dijon mustard. 

My Best Lunches

BENEFITS: Omega 3, Antioxidants, High protein.
Afternoon Snack:
I try not to snack too much during the day, but If I'm feeling peckish, I'll enjoy a few slices of watermelon, some Greek yoghurt or  a sugar free protein ball. Alternatively, I'll mix some Healthy Chef Protein with water or coconut water as it is easily absorbed by my body and keeps me feeling nourished and energised.

My Sensational Snacks

BENEFITS: Satiating, Energy Boosting, High protein.
I like to keep it plant-based and light for dinner, and less than 15-20 minutes to make. I'm often making my quick and easy vegetable soups – yes even during summer – or I'll whip up some delicious zucchini fritters! I find soups are comforting, easy to absorb and digest and they are the perfect food for those who have gut and digestive issues like myself.

My Delicious Dinners

BENEFITS: Nourishing, Plant-based, Quick + easy.
Night Cap
I like to end my day with a lovely chai or turmeric latte when I'm sitting in front of the TV or reading my book, and sometimes I'll enjoy a few squares of salted dark chocolate with it too.

My Nourishing Night Caps

BENEFITS: Soothing, Antioxidants, Relaxing.

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