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Collagen Coffee Shake

This is my go to kick-start smoothie when I’m on the run and have a busy day ahead. It’s high in protein to sustain and fuel me all morning and it tastes purely delicious. Enjoy.
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A delicious lean & green body shaping salad that supports healthy gut function, glowing skin...

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Green Body Shaping Smoothie

Get your one serve a day of Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein with this delicious...

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Dreamy Strawberry Smoothie

This is the perfect summertime healthy breakfast smoothie. It's the ultimate meal replacement...

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Flourless Banana + Turmeric Pancakes

This is my delicious flourless pancake recipe featured in Purely Delicious. Enjoy this indulgent...

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Probiotic Breakfast Bowl

This smoothie bowl is low FODMAP and low in sugar PLUS it's rich...

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Goodness Shake

This is my go-to everyday protein treat that I enjoy most afternoons. It...

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