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Collagen Coffee Shake

This is my go to kick-start smoothie when I’m on the run and have a busy day ahead. It’s high in protein to sustain and fuel me all morning and it tastes purely delicious. Enjoy.
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Teresa's Ultimate Body Shaping Smoothie

Today I want to share with you all a quick smoothie recipe that’s...

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Kamalaya Coco Loco - Watch The Video

This recipe comes from my favourite health spa - Kamalaya in Koh Samui...

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Wild Caught Snapper with Wilted Greens

This is a glorious recipe featured in my new cookbook, Purely Delicious. A simple...

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The Ultimate Chocolate Smoothie

If you feel like a little chocolate therapy, then you need to make...

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Protein Energy Balls - Make Your Own

Here's a delicious way to make your own protein balls that are made...

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Meatballs In Smashed Tomato Sauce

These meatballs contain all the essential nutrients such as protein and antioxidants needed...

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