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My Perfect Plant-Based Christmas

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This year I'm excited to share a sprinkle of NEW plant-based recipes from my cookbook Earth To Table, to inspire, nourish and delight you and your loved ones. I have also selected a few of my plant-based favourites featured in Purely DeliciousHealthy Baking and on the Healthy Chef Recipe App

To set the tone for a celebratory day, welcome friends and family with my refreshing Peach Bellini! This antioxidant rich, healthy elixir is sure to refresh and renew your guests. 

Summery salads are a beautiful way to decorate your table and delight your guests. My Persian Watermelon Salad w/ Labneh + Blackberry (as pictured above) is glorious to eat and bursting with antioxidant-goodness. And don't forget my Green Pea Salad with a luscious, creamy avocado and mustardy dressing that is sure to dance over everyone's taste buds.

 I'm also partial to my Colourful Christmas Caprese, caressed with heart healthy extra virgin avocado oil. The emerald green colour is an indicator of the quality and purity and it's perfect drizzled over sliced heirloom tomatoes and Buffalo Mozzarella. 

For your plant-based table centrepiece try my decadent Spinach Ricotta + Sweet Potato Tart paired with a gorgeous Roasted Whole Cauliflower w/Tahini Yoghurt.
"These show-stopping mains are guaranteed to impress + delight."
My Plant-based Christmas
I love to go a little overboard and offer a selection of Christmas Desserts. My Orange Olive Oil Cake sandwiched with maple scented vanilla labneh is a timeless classic and makes a stunning visual impact to your table setting. The table is laced with my Spectacular Cookies drizzled with dark chocolate and freeze dried raspberries and they make the perfect take-home gift wrapped in jade coloured ribbon. For the traditionalists which includes my husband Paul, my Gluten-Free Christmas Cake is a showstopper. Abundant with plump muscatel raisins and sun-dried apricots then scented with a hint of vanilla and orange.

"My gluten-free Christmas Cake offering will leave everyone wanting more!"

No Australian Christmas or Holiday table is complete without fresh fruit. My Retro Trifle is a simple take on an old classic that takes very little time to whip up and is packed with gorgeous berries. A lovely platter of fresh-cut mango cheeks, limes and seasonal fruits and your table is complete!

Food has a magical ability to bring us together. It has the power to heal and delight. Enjoy seasonal ingredients, made simply, to taste purely delicious.

Wishing you all the happiest and safest of holiday seasons.
Love Teresa, Paul, Crystal, Alexis, Ty and Maddie. 
Team Healthy Chef xx
 My Plant-based Christmas

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